What is Outsourcing Insurance Processes?

Viawork Insurance Industry is all about being efficient: moving materials, money, goods, and services at the lowest cost while providing the best level of customer service possible. Say hello to insurance process outsourcing (IPO) —an answer to modernise your operations and give your team breathing space to get on with the truly important.

What is an IPO?

Plain and simple, by asking a 3rd party to take care of certain insurance duties, IPO. This could include:

Data Entry & Policy Management – Save your team time by keeping them out of the weeds on administrative tasks like data entry and policy updates.

Customer Service: Offload simple requests to a specialised virtual assistant, speeding up response times and customer satisfaction!

Claims Processing: By outsourcing document gathering and following-up with clients, expedite claims processing.

Benefits of Outsourcing:

Productivity: Take your team out of the operational workflow so they can focus on underwriting and risk assessment.

Cost Savings: Lower the costs of in-house staffing.

Augmented Skills: Take advantage of specialized insurance knowledge embeddings a complete team.

Better Scalability: With outsourcing, scaling your outsourcing requirements with your growth is as simple as ever.

Focus: Enable your team to focus on value activities, on client relationship.

Advantages of using Viawork as your Insurance partner:

Custom Solutions: Viawork is not taking a one-size-fits-all route. Based on your needs, we develop a scalable BPO solution tailored to your business.

Virtual Assistants with excellence: Our virtual assistants pass through background check and get trained as per insurance domain requirements. They have the expertise and experience to handle your work ever so purposefully.

Security & Compliance- The first thing that comes to our mind while outsourcing is data security and we take utmost care to ensure that all our VAs are well versed with all the relevant insurance industry regulations.

Human Account Management: One of our own act as your single point of contact for the VA relationship and any questions or issues you have.

Integrate Seamlessly: Our VAs serve as a logical extension of your existing insurance software and systems, ensuring minimal disruption to your workflow.

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Ready to Breathe Easier?

Workload stress on a daily basis? You can use outsourcing as the secret weapon. Get in touch with Viawork today for an understanding on how IPO can help you in achieving operational excellence the future of your insurance business will be much smoother and efficient.


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We realise how competitive the world of insurance is, and we want your business to excel. If you want to get there but just don’t know how, then contact Viawork to find out how to outsource your insurance processes.