Top Contact-Finding Resources (Updated 2023)



Top Contact-Finding Resources (Updated 2023)

Finding a prospect’s contact details has never been easy. Whether it be a cell phone number or mobile phone number to call or text a prospect, a personal email address, a business email address, a direct office phone number, or even a cell phone number.

Your sales, marketing, business development, lead generation, demand generation, recruiting, account management, or enterprise pipeline of prospects and decision makers to connect with will be filled with this carefully chosen list of the best contact-finding tools.

Which Tools Are the Best for Finding Contacts? Test These:

1. Swordfish AI

One of the top tools for finding emails and cell phones is Swordfish AI ( To provide users with the most current and accurate contact information, including personal and business email addresses, as well as the most valuable piece of personal contact information, cell phone and mobile phone numbers, Swordfish AI simultaneously connects to more than 200+ network data partners.

The free Swordfish AI Google Chrome extension plugin interacts with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, Meetup, Stack Overflow, Dribble, Xing, Bing, Gmail, and Google to work on the majority of popular social media profiles on the internet. For that person’s profile, the Swordfish Chrome Extension will show all available contact details.

The bulk upload and data list enrichment features on the website make it simple to get email addresses and mobile phone numbers without the use of a Chrome plugin.

Free Trial, Prices, and Plans for Swordfish AI

You may try Swordfish AI for free for 15 days here. Pricing information, including details on easy monthly plans that start off based on the number of credits you choose, is available on the Swordfish AI pricing page. For big volume requirements, they also offer Enterprise plans.

The 15-day money-back guarantee offered by Swordfish AI is another special feature. If you’re not completely satisfied with their ability to find contacts, they’ll refund your money. There is no risk in using Swordfish AI to locate the contact details of a potential customer.

The goal of Swordfish is to help you save your most valuable resource—time—while also lessening your cognitive load, facilitating connections to commercial prospects, and, of course, confirming identity.

2. ZoomInfo

Using ZoomInfo (, you can locate and get in touch with your perfect client. Utilize automation, integrations, and technology to strengthen each go-to-market phase. Meet your revenue, sales, and lead generation targets. “Hit Your Number” is their motto.

In 2020, ZoomInfo made headlines when their business launched a very successful initial public offering. Additionally, they have a ZoomInfo Chrome extension plugin.

Free Trial, Costs, and Plans for ZoomInfo

Here is a free trial for ZoomInfo. There is no comprehensive cost information provided on the ZoomInfo pricing page. To view their price plans, you must enter your email address.

The goal of ZoomInfo is to give every business a comprehensive picture of their ideal client, enabling them to execute their go-to-market plan more effectively and exceed sales targets.

3. ExploreOrg

On the DiscoverOrg website (, you can immediately get the best B2B data. Connect and close ideal customers using a B2B business contact database and unique buying signals.

Both DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo are owned by the same company. There is also a DiscoverOrg Google Chrome extension plugin available.

DiscoverOrg offers a Free Trial, Prices, and Plans.

You may test out DiscoverOrg here. The DiscoverOrg pricing page does not provide detailed cost information. You must enter your email address and other contact details in order to see their price plans.

Every firm should receive a thorough picture of their ideal customer from DiscoverOrg in order to succeed at every level of their go-to-market strategy.

4. Lusha

Users of Lusha ( can improve their B2B profiles. For the purpose of verification and building confidence, the Lusha Chrome plugin enriches business profiles. Only LinkedIn and Salesforce are supported by the Lusha plugin at this time.

Free Trial, Cost, and Plans for Lusha

There is a free trial available for Lusha here. According on the number of credits you choose, monthly plans starting at $0 (free), $39, $49, and $69 USD are detailed on the Lusha price page.

B2B data you can trust is Lusha’s aim. They are developing a system that enables businesses to do just that because they think that great businesses thrive when they are founded on a foundation of trustworthy and readily available data.

5. ContactOut

It is possible to locate anyone’s personal email and phone number using ContactOut ( The ContactOut website claims that using the most potent sourcing tool, you can hire talent 10x faster.

Only LinkedIn and Github are presently compatible with the ContactOut Google Chrome extension plugin.

Free Trial, Prices, and Plans for ContactOut

You can get a free trial of ContactOut here. A pricing page for ContactOut is not available to view. To view their pricing plans, get in touch with their sales team.

6. UpLead

Users of UpLead ( can employ tailored sales leads to promote growth. Find qualified prospects fast and interact with them to increase sales. You can utilise the Uplead Chrome extension plugin.

Free Trial, Costs, and Plans for UpLead

A free trial of UpLead is available here. According to the number of credits you choose, monthly plans starting at $0 (free), $99, $199, and $399 USD are described together with their features on the UpLead price page. Additionally, they offer Enterprise plans.

The firm values of UpLead may be summed up by the abbreviation CAIN, which stands for Customer driven, Ambitious, Improving Always, and Nimble.

7. Clearbit

The marketing data engine for all of your consumer interactions is Clearbit ( Deeply comprehend your clients, pinpoint potential customers, and customise each and every marketing and sales encounter. According to their website, you can use data to power your entire company.

There is a plugin for the Clearbit Chrome addon available.

Free Trial, Costs, and Plans for Clearbit

There is no free trial offered by Clearbit, according to their website. According to the number of credits you choose, monthly plans starting at $99 and $199 USD are available on the Clearbit price page. By contacting sales, you can find out about upgrade possibilities and Enterprise programmes.

The goal of Clearbit is to provide the data infrastructure for contemporary organisations and serve as the marketing data engine for client interactions. They assist firms in expanding by giving them access to tools that enable them to fully comprehend their clients, locate potential buyers, and highly tailor each and every marketing and sales engagement.

8. AeroLeads

You may get the email addresses of decision-makers and the phone numbers of companies on AeroLeads ( According to their website, AeroLeads promises to be the best software for generating business-to-business leads online.

You can also utilise the AeroLead Google Chrome extension plugin.

Free Trial, Costs, and Plans for AeroLeads

You may get a free trial of AeroLeads here. According to the number of credits you choose, monthly plans starting at $49, $149, and $499 USD are listed on the AeroLeads pricing page. There are enterprise plans available.

The founding principles of AeroLeads are to innovate by embracing technological advancements and incorporating them into the prospect generation process, as well as to advise clients on how prospect generation can simplify the sales process by automating the process of finding the pertinent prospect details.

9. Voila Norbert

You can get personal with anyone at scale with the email finder and email verification tool Voila Norbert ( Their website welcomes visitors with “Hello!” and promotes “prospecting on steroids.” Norbert is my name! I am able to locate anyone’s email address.

A Google Chrome extension plugin for Voila Norbert is accessible.

Free Trial, Prices, and Plans for Voila Norbert

Here is a free trial for Norbert. Depending on the number of credits you choose, the monthly plans start at $0 (free), $49, $99, $249, and $499 USD on the Voila Norbert price page, which also includes information on their features. For those who log in frequently, they also offer Enterprise plans.

Voila, Norbert seeks to improve your outreach by locating the information that enhances the cold-emailing procedure.