Top 7 Virtual Assistant Services



Top 7 Virtual Assistant Services

A Virtual Assistant: what is it?

A virtual assistant is a self-employed person who works from home and provides office support to customers. Project management, email marketing, and social media management are the most sought-after virtual assistant services. Maintaining schedules, making phone calls, and doing any other straightforward or repetitive chores that may be delegated are examples of standard virtual assistant duties.

A virtual assistant that focuses on a particular service, such as graphic design, bookkeeping, content writing, or marketing, is another option. See which of the following virtual assistant services best suits your needs by reading on.

Top Virtual Assistant Services Comparison
You may compare the top seven virtual assistant businesses that employ people in the United States in the table below.

1. Belay

Belay provides both standard administrative services and unique offerings. You can hire virtual assistants from Belay to help you with administrative tasks like managing your email and schedule, doing research and reporting, or making trip plans. Belay also matches remote employers in these specialist fields: writing, web design, virtual assistance, and bookkeeping if you require more expert help.

Benefits of Belay

You won’t have to worry about time zone or language concerns because all of Belay’s virtual assistants are headquartered in the United States.
Belay only hires 3% of applications, demonstrating that they thoroughly screen potential virtual assistants.
Your projects will be monitored for progress by a Client Success Consultant who will keep you informed. To make sure you are matched with the proper talent, the Client Success Consultant will get in touch with you to find out about your tasks, tools, culture, and personality requirements. The Placement Team from Belay will then meet with them to discuss, evaluate, and choose two to three top candidates for an interview process.
Belay’s drawbacks

You won’t receive a large virtual assistant staff. Instead, a single virtual assistant will be assigned to you based on the requirements of your industry and business.
There are better solutions available if you require simple tasks to be accomplished.
who ought to use a belay?

The service provided by Belay offers a dedicated virtual assistant that is very knowledgeable in a certain field. Therefore, small to mid-sized enterprises searching for a specialist virtual assistant are best served by this service.

2. Brazenly

Clients can receive assistance from executive assistants, marketing, and accounting professionals through Boldly’s subscription-based service by paying a monthly fee. Clients need just specify the kind of service they require and the number of hours they need the remote assistants to work for them because Boldly takes care of the payroll, contracts, filing, and hiring. Boldly provides administrative services like research, call screening, email management, and travel booking, comparable to many other similar firms. You can also get assistance with responsibilities relating to project management, bookkeeping, and marketing and social media.

Boldly specializes in delivering knowledgeable employees to help clients with accounting, compliance, and tax-related needs.

Benefits of Boldly

Virtual assistants are trained to use cloud-based tools for simple integration; all you need to do for them to start is set up a business email.
You may manage your account and keep track of activity via the client dashboard.
If your dedicated virtual assistant is ill or on vacation, their staff will train a replacement so that your work will still be done.
The Boldly team hires virtual assistants as employees, not as independent contractors.
Your account manager will be available to you at all times.
Boldly’s drawbacks

You can be constrained in the amount of work or size of tasks you can request because each virtual assistant has two to three clients on long-term projects.
Please take note that packages begin at a minimum of 30 hours per month. This also includes a free, one-hour launch meeting. You can choose a more extensive plan, but you’ll need to contact Boldly for a price estimate.

Use Boldy by who?

Boldly is the best option for you if you run a small to medium-sized business and are searching for virtual assistants with at least ten years of expertise. You can give their virtual assistants specialised jobs and lengthy projects that last one to two years.


Without requesting any up-front commitments from you, TruAssist offers a remote back office crew that manages repetitive operational duties for your company. Screening, training, payroll, benefits, and other tasks are handled by TruAssist. This service is designed to relieve your company of ongoing or one-time tasks. The full-time staff of virtual assistants at TruAssist are prepared and committed to handling your desired duties.

The three main service areas offered by TruAssist are administrative, bookkeeping, and purchasing. Email correspondence, outgoing calls, setting up appointments and meetings, taking minutes of meetings, and other administrative duties are just a few examples. Basic accounting data input, bill tracking (A/P), and generating invoices (A/P) are all examples of bookkeeping duties. The purchasing category includes any purchases you could require for your business or office, including product searches, cost comparisons, and product or supply purchases.

Benefits of TruAssist

  • Your requests will be delegated and monitored by a task manager to guarantee prompt fulfilment.
  • You can cancel at any moment because there is no contract.
  • All virtual assistants are based in the United States. There won’t be any time zone or language variances as a result.
  • Contractors are not used by TruAssist. Instead, VirtualPostMail hires every employee internally (VPM).
  • What you pay for will be reflected in the quality of the work. You won’t be charged more and have a task done by someone with less training or expertise. You know that the team’s knowledge will be a match for your company’s requirements.
  • All of those “what-ifs” are ignored by TruAssist. There is always a backup to cover for any unforeseen events, like a team member having a sick day or vacation, thanks to VPM’s team of TruAssistants. As a result, your tasks will always be finished by the time you set, preventing interruptions to your business flow.


TruAssist has no monthly minimums and is priced by the minute. There are various rates for different kinds of work. A different fee will apply to more specialist services, like as bookkeeping, than to administrative duties. The rate range should be comparable to what you would pay for temporary employees.

For whom is TruAssist best suited?

For startups and small enterprises searching for a full remote back office workforce, TruAssist is the best option. You won’t need to monitor or waste your time following up on the status of the tasks you’ve asked for after a Task Manager has been appointed. With TruAssist, you can combine monthly and long-term projects with just paying for what you actually need.

4. Time etc

Time etc provides administrative services like scheduling and inbox management, data entry, conducting research, and making travel and lodging reservations. Additionally, they pair virtual helpers with expertise in social media and content marketing.

Advantages of Time

A trial is available from Time etc.
Services can be requested via a practical smartphone app.
Pros and Cons of Time

Your virtual assistant can be working on many tasks/projects at once while being assigned to multiple clients.
After the free trial period, Time etcplans .’s begin with a 10 hour minimum per month.
who ought to use time, etc.?

For small organisations searching for a virtual assistant to handle straightforward duties, Time etc is the ideal option. If you’re not seeking for constant assistance, this might not be the right option for you because this service is focused on building long-term relationships rather than meeting one-time task needs.

5. WoodBows

College-educated virtual assistants with at least 10 years of experience are available from WoodBows. A team of knowledgeable virtual assistants will assist you even though you only pay for one. Data input, graphic design, web design, digital marketing, and app and software development are just a few of the many services that WoodBows offers (these two services are outsourced to a different company).

Benefits of WoodBows

24-hour customer service.
You will have a specific account manager assigned to you.
There is no contract, so you can end it whenever you want.
WoodBows’ drawbacks

It will depend on your region because rates vary by area.
The minimal workweek for WoodBows plans is 40 hours per month.
Who Should Utilize a WoodBow?

Small business owners looking for specialist virtual assistant services should use this service. You should check at different virtual assistant services if you need help with routine administrative tasks.

6. RemSource

RemSource is a virtual back office corporation with headquarters in the United States, located in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. As an integral element of daily operations in client offices, their crew works remotely. The virtual crew handles chores that can be hindering corporate expansion or revenue-generating activities.

Communications, time management, customer service, and other business services are among the administrative services provided by RemSource. Additionally, they provide support for specific services including project management, consulting, and bookkeeping.

RemSource’s benefits

United States-based virtual assistants
Customer service is offered live from 9 to 5 by live representatives.
provides customised services for specialist vocations (for example, doctors, real estate agents, bloggers, etc.)
You are given a key team member who serves as your point of contact and manages duties for your account. You also have a designated secondary team member who will take over if your primary contact is unavailable in order to guarantee prompt responses to requests.
Drawbacks of RemSource

starting with a three-month contract is necessary
Who Must Utilize RemSource?

For small business owners and solopreneurs who will benefit from a full staff that can work on longer-term projects, RemSource’s virtual assistant team is the perfect option.

7. Virtual Assistant USA

A group of virtual assistants who function as workers is employed by Virtual Assist USA. No matter how long you go without utilising the service, you may always use the hours you purchased from one of their packages because they never expire. The virtual assistants at Virtual Assist USA take on one-off tasks, short-term gap filling assignments, and ongoing commitments.

Event planning, social media marketing, copywriting, and bookkeeping are just a few of the specialty services Virtual Assist USA provides.

Virtual Assistant USA’s advantages

Virtual assistants situated in the United States are offered in all time zones.
Every single virtual assistant works full-time.
You will have a Client Experience Manager allocated to you who will be your sole point of contact for inquiries, suggestions, and complaints.
Your package never expires since unused hours are carried over to the following month.
Drawbacks to Virtual Assist USA

Not a good option if you have high-priority projects and demand immediate solutions.

The starting point for the fundamental package from Virtual Assist USA is 15 hours per month. If you want more hours per month, you can upgrade to their Option 2 or Option 3 subscription, which offers 30 or 50 hours, respectively. You can also get in touch with them and ask for a different bundle if you prefer a customized alternative.

For whom is Virtual Assist USA a good fit?

The greatest option for small- to medium-sized business owners with a greater price range is Virtual Assist USA. This can be the best choice for you if you need flexibility and have extra cash to spend on virtual help.

Locate the Best Virtual Assistant For Your Company
If your company needs help but doesn’t want to deal with the inconvenience of the hiring process, hiring a virtual assistant or virtual team can be a wonderful choice. Virtual assistants can help with routine administrative duties, or you can hire more expert assistants to support you in the areas where your firm needs to flourish. Project management and social media management are two examples of such disciplines.

Continue reading if you believe you are prepared to delegate responsibilities and TruAssist is your best choice. You won’t have to worry because your firm will have a full remote back office workforce committed to producing high-quality work and a Task Manager to monitor and oversee the development of your requests.